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Winter 9-27-2014


The total number of publications contributed by the Indian authors in the Aquaculture journal was 374 during the study period 1972 – 2011. The highest numbers of papers were published during 2002 – 2006 with 103 contributions; especially in 2006 there were 47 contributions. The least number of papers was recorded during 1972 – 1976 with 9 contributions. The percentage of Indian contribution was 2.74. Overall, 1373 authors contributed 374 publications in the Aquaculture journal. Among these, two authored publications were 114 (30.48%), more than that of any other authorship pattern. The degree of collaborations was 0.98. A total of 1373 authors contributed 374 publications with an average of 3.67 authors per paper. 600 (43.70%) authors contributed one publication each. Among the Indian authors, A. S. Sahul Hameed scored first rank with 27 publications. Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (ICAR), Bhubaneswar, Odisha scored first rank with 40 publications among Indian Institutions. Tamil Nadu secured first position with 133 contributions. Original articles were predominant in the Aquaculture journal. The publication of I. Karunasagar et al. (1994) has highest citation both in SCOPUS database (240) and Google Scholar database (380). More research was carried out in the Penaeus monodon with 39 publications.