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Philip, Kathryn (2014). Enhancing Reading through Library and Reference Tools: the RAN Vacation Reading programme. LPP





One of the annual activities of the Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN) in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria is to organize and host a holiday reading programme for pupils at primary school level. During such organized activities, ‘library hour’ is one of the ‘spice’ activities which afford them the privilege of leisure reading in choice literature. The children which participated were drawn from various school and background primarily from the urban area; they were grouped according to their age, capacity, and grade level were made to participate in library-use and other literacy activities with observations made, the essence being to familiarize them with the library as a place where value is placed on knowledge acquisition using such reference materials such as encyclopedias, thesauri and dictionaries, biographical sources and gazetteers. The children generally benefited from guided reading, vocabulary and spelling exercises. They were also taken on a tour to a typical academic library to further raise their consciousness towards the efficacy of good reading materials. Study concludes with the recommendation for related activity to be replicated with children resident in sub-urban areas.