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This article reports a survey on the students’ perception of new security measures in Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria Nsukka. Data were collected by using a questionnaire and follow up interview with students of the institution. The response rate was 70%. Result showed that the majority of the respondents (213(51%) are undergraduates, the majority of the respondents are in year 2, 141 (33%), majority of the students used the library to a large extent for space or table to study, 168 (40%). It also revealed that the majority of the respondents strongly disagreed that after the search at the gate, they feel humiliated and cannot concentrate. 152 (58%) agreed that the measure safe guard the library from current insecurity in the country. 227 (58%) agreed that it induces security alertness among staff users. Majority of the respondents agreed to a large extent that the new security measures were obstacle to library use. To a very large extent, the following constituted an obstacle: epileptic internet supply, inadequate infrastructure such as computers, photocopiers, backup generators, disorganized manual catalogue. The study also revealed that the majority of the respondents strongly agreed that reliable power supply and sufficient bandwidth, adequate lighting, provision of canteens for refreshment and convenience can help improve services at the library. Recommendations and suggestions for improvement were made.