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Winter 12-4-2014


The paper analyses 9909 global and 4862 Indian Himalayan R&D publications, as covered in Scopus database during 2004-13. It compares the contribution, citation impact and international collaborative publications share of top 10 most productive countries, and the place of Indiaamong them. It mainly examines Indian output, with a focus its annual average growth rate (13.21%), citation impact per paper (1.86%), distribution of citations (with 62.40% publications received one or more citations), share of international collaborative papers (16.29%) and contribution of leading collaborative countries, distribution of output by broad subject areas, publication productivity and citation impact of thirty leading institutions and authors; media of communications and characteristics of highly cited papers. The paper stresses the need for developing a national policy for Himalayan R&D, which will help in increasing the output, raising the research quality and in increasing international collaborative output.



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