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Purpose: The purpose of the present study is to investigate the characteristics of external environment of companies in the second industrial area of Ahvaz and its effect on managers' environmental scanning behavior in using information resources.

Method: An analytic survey method is used to analyze the relationship between variables.

Findings: The findings showed that managers' perception of various external environment is influenced by variability factors (economic sector, M=3.96), complexity (economic sector, M=3.77) and importance (customers' sector, M=4.38). also the findings showed that managers' environmental scanning can match managers' perceived characteristics of various sectors of external environment, and from this aspect, they do the greatest scanning in economic environmental sector (M=7.4). The highest perceived strategic uncertainty (M=33.239) and environmental uncertainty (M=7.73) belonged to economic sector. Testing research hypotheses proved that managers' perceived strategic uncertainty and environmental uncertainty from environmental sectors of companies has a direct relationship with environmental sectors in those parts; and there is a direct and significant relationship between perceived environmental uncertainty and the frequency with which information resources is used in environmental scanning.