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Date of this Version

Summer 2-6-2015


Faculty of Social Sciences Resource Centre

University Library Uyo, Nigeria


This study investigated the Availability of Captions Resources and Library Patronage by Hearing Impaired Students in University Libraries of South-South Nigeria. One research question and one hypothesis was formulated to guide the study and tested at .05 level of significance. Survey research design was employed. The population for the study was 57 hearing impaired students from 10 universities in south-South Nigeria. Purposive sampling technique was used in the study. A structured questionnaire was developed and used to elicit information from the respondents. Frequency distribution and percentages was used to determine the level of availability and use while Pearson Products Moment Correlation (PPMC) was used to test the hypothesis. The findings revealed that significant relationship exists between availability of captions resources and library patronage by hearing impaired students. The findings also revealed the non-availability and patronage of captions resources by hearing impaired students. The study concludes that the provision of captions resources for the hearing impaired students in university libraries in South-South Nigeria will increased patronage. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that universities in South-South Nigeria should provide captions resources for the hearing impaired students in their respective libraries. Indeed, this study has proven that patronage of captions resources in university libraries depends on its availability. The availability of captions in the library will increase patronage, but in a situation whereby these resources are not provided in the library, there will be no patronage by hearing impaired students. It was discovered in the study that universities of South-South Nigeria do not provide captions resources for the hearing impaired students, thereby resulting in none library patronage of the resources by these students.