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This study investigated the extent to which demographic variables and ICT access predict ICT use among science teachers in FUS in Nigeria. Out of the Four hundred and sixty four (464) copies of questionnaire administered on science teachers in 25 FGUSs only 353 copies were returned with useful responses. The findings of the study revealed ICT accessibility (B = .431), educational qualification (B = -.187), teaching experience (B = -.154), ICT use experience (B = .152), and location of ICT access (B = .144) as best predictors of ICT use among science teachers in FUSs in Nigeria. Also, the study revealed a low level of access to laboratory-based ICT facilities ( = 2.18) and a low level of ICT use (= 1.93) among the science teachers. Moreover, the findings of the study revealed specialized classroom/laboratory ( = 0.52), and library ( = 0.52) as the most preferred location of ICT access by science teachers in FUSs in Nigeria. Also, positive relationships were established between ICT use experience and ICT use (r = .188), location of ICT access and ICT use (r = 0.278) and degree of ICT accessibility and ICT use (r = 0.471). A positive relationship was also established between location of access and degree of ICT accessibility (r = 0.179). Also, a joint significant relationship was established among demographic variables, location of ICT access, degree of ICT accessibility, and ICT use (F = 20.03 p



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