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Good management practices for records and information are now becoming key norms in organisations due to the value attached to records and information. This is because records and information is considered the life blood of business transactions. However, with the advancement in technologies, the business enterprises need to rethink the ways they manage records and information (RIM). This study was carried out in northern Uganda among the SMEs to make an audit of RIM with special focus on the life cycle of RIM and application of ICTs in RIM functions. It also investigated the management of e-mail as valuable records and information within an enterprise. By used of quantitative methodology, data were collected using structured questionnaire and the findings indicate that SMEs do recognize the value of records and information although are being managed unprofessionally. The study recommends viable strategies that include sensitization of the SMEs managers on effective RIM and the need for dovetailing E-records/information training and management as their integral development plans.



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