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Considering the role of teachers in actualizing the dream of basic education for all, the need for them to be well informed in the profession, and the fact that little attention has been given to them in this area, this paper went to investigate the information needs and seeking behaviour of teachers in Imo state, Nigeria. This was done based on the gender of these teachers. The main objective of the study was to find out the various areas these teachers need information, the information sources utilized and the extent to which these needs are satisfied. A total of 860 teachers – 310 males and 550 females – were used for the study; questionnaires were used for data collection; data was analyzed using frequencies, mean scores and standard deviation while T-test was used to test the hypothesis of no significant difference (at 0.5 level of significance) between the mean satisfaction of the information needs of male and female teachers in Imo State. Major findings showed that the teachers needed information in a good number of areas like curriculum, teaching materials, technological facilities and other related areas; that they seek information through consulting principals, fellow teachers, libraries, books, periodicals amongst others and that most of their information needs were satisfied to a moderately high extent. Result of hypothesis testing and inference drawn showed that there is a significant difference (p



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