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Purpose The study aims at examining the research productivity of Government Medical College Jammu and provides a Bibliometric profile of biomedical publications of Government Medical Jammu.


Necessary Bibliometric indicators have been employed to assess the trends and volume of research published. Documents published by researchers and practitioners of Government Medical College Jammu for the period 1973 to May, 2011 and indexed in Scopus Database have been analysed.

Results The results of the present study reveals that the Government medical college Jammu is accelerating in terms of output. A total of 514 publications were contributed by the college during the study period. Highly productive departments are General medicine, pharmacology, surgery and pathology with 97 (18.87%), 69 (13.42%), 46 (8.95%) and 39 (7.59%) publications respectively. The majority of publications were contributed by multi authors (470, 91.44%). The most highly cited departments are paediatrics, endocrinology and Dermatology with average citations 4.28%, 3.5% and 3.38% respectively. In terms of collaboration the share of national collaboration was highest followed by regional and international collaboration. Intra disciplinary collaboration was found maximum (254, 54.04%) in the institution.

Originality / value This study is the first of its kind, revealing research trends and serves as an indicator of the productivity of the college’s practitioners and researchers. Bibliometric analysis of this type can provide helpful information about changes in the patterns of scholarly communication.

Limitations The study had some limitations. The focus of the present study is on publications indexed by Scopus, which are indeed a small portion of the several studies conducted by the researchers in Government Medical College Jammu. Therefore, study does not fully reflect the entire productivity of the total number of researchers in the fields under study.