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The purpose of this study was to know the users’ perception, awareness, purpose, problems, and satisfaction with Pakistan Research Repository (PRR). To meet the purpose, study was conducted in multiple phases. In the first phase, literature review was done. And, on the bases of reviewed literature, a semi structured questionnaire was developed. Data was collected via online survey from 400 users (LIS professionals & library users of Pakistan) of PRR. A convenience sampling method was used. The useable responses were 384 (96%).

Results of the study revealed that majority (36.2 %) of the respondents came to know about PRR through library staff. Similarly, majority (74%) of the respondents agreed that they accessed the PRR to retrieve the material but a good number (19%) of participants responded that they accessed the PRR for both (to deposit & retrieve) purposes.

The current study is first one in Pakistan of its type in terms of topic as no study has been conducted yet on this national program i.e. PRR. The study focuses on the importance of PRR from the users’ point of view. Problems and users’ satisfaction level with PRR are also discussed in the study.



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