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Bibliometric study is widely used to calculate the growth of research, collaborative research, authorship pattern, author's productivity, etc. in any discipline of knowledge. Mainly it is a best instrument in social science research for systematic analysis of publication output of any subject, author in association to academic establishment and geographic distribution.


This study was to analyze bibliometric data from the number of publication of IMS and SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar during 2009 to 2013 to assess research productivity and impact and gathered and synthesized the number of publications of 34 departments for almost all department of the institute (N=207): (1) total number of published articles per department, (2) total number of citations to published articles per department, (3) average number of citations per article, (4) institutional impact indices, (5) institutional percentages of articles with zero citations, (6) annual average number of faculty per department, (7) average number of citations per faculty member. Using t test and λ2 and ANOVA analysis, the authors calculate the relationships between measures, if they existed with reference to the Bradford’s law of scattering and degree of collaboration.

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