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This paper examines how the collection of a school library can influence students’ use of the library in secondary schools in Oyo state. The survey research method was used with 1200 questionnaires distributed to secondary school pupils in Oyo state. Data collected was analyzed using simple percentage and frequency count. It was discovered that many of the public schools in Oyo state have almost non-functioning libraries. Some had materials not relevant to secondary school pupils, while there was also the issue of non-professionals manning the libraries. It was also that many of the school libraries shared space with either a classroom or a laboratory. Majority of the respondents said that they did not use their school libraries as the libraries do not meet their academic needs. Recommendations were then made that government should make policies enforcing relevant collection development in secondary schools and provision of adequate space to house the libraries, to dissuade administrators from diverting money meant for the library to other activities and employing qualified librarians or teacher librarians to man school libraries.



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