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Spring 7-10-2015



This study examines the role ICTs play in poverty reduction among small and medium scale (SMS) farmers in Imo State, Nigeria. Data were collected from 170 (SMS) farmers in Imo State using well structured questionnaire. Analysis of data collected was done using percentages and mean presented in tabular forms. It was seen from results that 38.2% of the respondents are within the age bracket of 51-60 years. Majority (43.5%) attended secondary school, 48% have put in 11-20 years in farming, while 71.7% have a farm size 0.25-1.5 hectares. ICT devices used include radio, mobile phones, television, among others. On frequency of use of ICT devices, radio is the most frequently used as indicated on a daily basis. They also use telephone, magazines and newspapers. ICTs play veritable roles such as increasing access to education, health information, information on diseases/pest outbreak, market information employment generation, credit opportunities among other. Social amenities be provided by government so that small and medium scale farmers wii have unlimited access to other modern ICT facilities.



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