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July 21st 2015

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Dear Professor Bolin

Please find attached a manuscript entitled “A Comparative Study of use of the Library and the Internet as Sources of Information by Graduate Students in the University Of Ghana” for publication in Library & Information Science Research. This manuscript is an extraction from a well-researched masters dissertation.

I confirm that this manuscript is original and has not been published elsewhere nor is it currently under consideration for publication anywhere.

The research brought to bear the preferred sources of information for graduate students at the University of Ghana during the period of the study. The paper is significant because it adds to the few existing literature on information behavior research from a developing country. It should be of interest to researchers interested in information behavior and needs of students in developing countries.

Please address all correspondence to me through my current address or via email at Thank you for considering my work for publication.


Cynthia Henewaa Kumah


This study was conducted to compare Internet use and library use among graduate students. It was based on the assumption that graduate students use the Internet more than the library. Literature on library and the Internet were reviewed. The researcher adopted convenient sampling technique to select the sample for the study. Data was collected using questionnaires. Collected data was statistically analyzed and interpreted using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Findings of the study indicated students do not bypass the library in satisfying their information need. They use both the library and the Internet, although Internet usage was more than the library, hence the Internet was the most preferred source of information. It was recommended that the library should be upgraded to meet recent advancement in research.