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Entrepreneurship is a topical issue in Nigeria and the world



The unemployment situation in Nigeria is like a worm that has eaten deep into the nation’s fabric. The youth in Nigeria suffer the most because they make up the highest number of people in the country .The unemployment situation has caused macro-economic distortions in the country, it has also brought many crimes. As a result of this, there is need to train the youth to be entrepreneurial and self reliant so that the nation will be peaceful and as well prolific. The library has a role to play in inculcating the skills of entrepreneurship in the youth. Through the use of questionnaire, and interview the researcher examined perceptions of educators on the factors that contributes to youth unemployment in Nigeria, skills required for entrepreneurship. The researcher explored different library programmes such as project work, comic book writing, vacation programs etc .This was done through practical periods with the youth, in the cause of the sessions, the researcher observed that indeed these library programmes inculcate entrepreneurial skills in the youth.