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Fall 10-8-2015


Abstract: - This study is about scientometric assessment of global literature on Facebook research published during 2005-14. In all 7916 papers were identified on “Facebook Research” from Scopus database covering 10 years period 2005-14. The study analyzed growth of publication data and its distribution by documents type, country of publication, authors, their organizations, and subjects. The study identified most productive countries, organization, authors in Facebook research and determined their global publication share, average productivity and comparative citation impact. The Facebook research registered 98.26%, CAGR growth and registered the citations per paper of 5.59. In overall. A total of 109 countries contributed to Facebook research. Facebook research distribution by country is highly skewed since 10 out of 109 productive countries alone account for 70.01% global publication share and 88.80% global citations share. Computer science accounted for the largest publications share, followed by social sciences, engineering, medicine, business, management & accounting, and psychology, etc.



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