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This paper analyzes 230 research publications of the Panjab University in mathematics during ten years (2005-14), as covered in Scopus International database. The study quantifies publication data in various aspects of performance, such as the publication growth, research impact and quality, national and international collaboration, contribution and impact of authors, major areas of research, preferred channels of research communications and characteristics of higher cited papers. The findings reveal that Panjab University total publications in mathematics has increased at an annual average growth rate of 17.15% and registered an average citation impact per paper of 2.92 and impact factor per paper of 0.89 during 2005-14. Of its total publications (230), 43.91% publications of Panjab University did not get any citations as against 56.09% getting 1 or more citations. 35.96% and 13.91% of the Panjab University publications in mathematics were involved in national and international collaboration during 2005-14. Among its performance in top 15 Indian universities, Panjab University registered 6th rank in share of national collaborative papers, 10th rank in publication output and 12th rank in average citation per paper, h-index, share of international collaborative papers and share of high cited papers during 2005-14. The major areas of research by Panjab University were algebra (with 28.7% publication share), followed by numerical analysis (20.9%), statistics & probability (19.1%), application of mathematics in different subjects (14.3%), number theory (7.39%), operations research (1.74%) and others (7.83%) during 2005-14. The top 20 authors of Panjab University in mathematics together contributed 95.65% and 96.72% share to the total publications and citations during 2005-14. Of the 87 journals contributing to Panjab University mathematics research output, the top 25 journals together accounted for 61.74% share of the Panjab University output in mathematics during 2005-14.The top 15 comparatively higher cited papers received (11 and 29 citations) and together got 275 citations, with average citation per paper of 18.33.