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The purpose of this paper was to explore the factors responsible for publication preferences among a select group of researchers attending a research writing workshop in Ghana. The objectives were to investigate the specific motivations for publishing; to explore the factors that influence researchers’ journal selection decisions; and availability of in-house programmes for journal publishing. The population of the study consisted of researchers from several academic institutions in Ghana who attended a research writing workshop. The research made use of the convenience sampling method to select a total of 67 researchers to participate in the study. The study used a self-administered closed-ended questionnaire consisting of 13 items and analysed using the mean test, standard deviation and simple percentages. The study found that researchers consider “contribution to scholarship” as the main motivation for publishing even though job mobility is a major source of motivation. Again, the major factor influencing journal selection decision is journal reputation. However, many researchers indicated a high preference for journals that does not charge publication fees. Finally, most respondents do not benefit from in-house research development programmes. The study recommends the development of in-house academic publishing programmes that are researcher-centred; the development of new of enhancement of existing research mentoring schemes, the issuance of “standalone” low quality journals; and the need for researchers to consider both intrinsic and extrinsic factors in their quest to become quality researchers.