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The aim of this study was to investigate the information use pattern of final year undergraduate students in North-Central Nigeria. Specifically, five purposes and research questions guided the study. It adopted a descriptive survey design and had a population of 3365 registered undergraduate final year student library users from three selected federal universities. The study used proportionate stratified random sampling technique to sample 200 final years Undergraduate library users. From the above population two hundred (200) questionnaire were distributed with one hundred and eighty five (185) returned; representing a return rate of 93%. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics of frequency tables and mean scores. And the decision rule for research questions one through five was based on whether the mean score value was lower than or equal to and above the criterion mean value of 2.50 for either rejection or acceptance. The findings of the study revealed that: final year undergraduate student uses graphical, research, bibliographical, product, patent information among others in their university libraries; Other findings of the study were that both personal, environmental, professional, social and technological factors affects the patterns upon which they use their information; and provision of adequate information, systematic planning time schedule for use of information as well as the provision periodic training in technicality for the use of information resources are adequate strategies for improving the information use pattern of students. Finally, this study recommended the provision of conducive atmosphere/condition/equipment towards amelioration of the state factors that impede the information use pattern of undergraduate library users of federal universities in the zone.



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