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The study looked into the readiness of a state college for the establishment of a digital library. In particular, it assessed the knowledge of the respondents about digital library and its uses, digitization process, and electronic resources services. It also evaluated the extent of adequacy and availability of physical resources, adequacy of professional librarians and qualities of library staff, financial resources, library collections, information technology resources and the prospects for a digital library.

The study applied the descriptive-evaluative method of research. Three hundred fifty three (353) students and ninety seven (97) faculty and employees from both campuses comprised the four hundred fifty (450) respondents. The questionnaire was the main data gathering tool. Frequency counts, percentages, and mean ratings (with descriptive equivalent) were used as descriptive statistics.

Based on the set measure of readiness, generally, the state college is not ready for the establishment of a digital library. However, the respondents are moderately knowledgeable on the aspects of digital library while the physical resources, number of professional librarian, qualities expected to the library staff, financial resources, library collection and information technology resources were evaluated as adequate. As to the prospects for a digital library, 98.22% of respondents favored the establishment of a digital library in the state college libraries as part of additional access to information. They considered the various electronic resources and services as very important.



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