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Abstract: This paper analyzed 648 research publications that M M University-Mullana had published during nine years (2007-15). The publications data for the study was sourced from Scopus International database. The study quantified publication data by combining a variety of indicators to present a comparative view of the University’s performance in national setting. The findings revealed that total publications output of MM University-Mullana registered 65.03% annual average growth and averaged citation impact per paper of 3.27 during 2007-15. The usage of university output has been low. For instance 51.33% publication share of the University did not get any citations and 48.77% received low citation rate, just 1+ citations per paper. The University contributed 39.20% share of its total output as national collaborative papers and 9.88% as international collaborative papers. MM University-Mullana was ranked 5th among top 8 universities across Haryana in terms of publications output, average citation per paper, h-index and share of international collaborative papers, and ranked 3rd for its share of highly cited papers during 2007-15. Engineering field contributed largest share (24.23%) in university output, followed by pharmacology, toxicology & pharmaceutics (20.37%), computer science (19.14%), medicine (15.12%), chemistry (14.35%), biochemistry, genetics & molecular biology (13.27%), physics & astronomy (10.49%), materials science (9.88%), mathematics (8.33%), chemical engineering (7.41%), etc. Top 25 most productive authors accounted for 62.19% and 81.89% share of total publications and citations output of MM University-Mullana. Out of 648 papers by MM University-Mullana, 539 appeared in 162 journals. Top 25 journals together accounted for 29.17% share of the total papers that MM University-Mullana had published in journals during 2007-15. The top 12 highly cited papers authored by MM University-Mullana received 31+ citations per paper, averaging 54.08 citations per paper.