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Abstract: The study is based on the articles published in the open access journal, Advances in Anthropology during the year 2013-2014 covering 59 articles in 8 issues having 1750 citations. Data has been collected from Advances in Anthropology from the Directory of Open Access Journals. Data has been analyzed by using excel sheet by year, types of document, trend of research, author productivity, journal productivity etc. The citation study has been carried out to find out the various sources of literature used by the researchers in the field of Anthropology. A rank list of journals is also prepared to find out the core journals based on the citation frequencies. Applicability of Bradford’s Law of scattering is tested here to identify the core journals in the field of anthropology. Lotka’s Law of Author Productivity is also tested to find out the most active authors in anthropology. Authorship Pattern has been studied to know whether collaborative or individual research is mostly done in the field of Anthropology. In this way trend of research, growth of research, type of documents, etc are analyzed. It has been observed that the articles published in the year 2007 have been cited maximum number of times i.e. 140 times and the journal Nature is the most popular journal for the anthropologists. Bradford’s Law of Journal Productivity is applicable but Lotka’s Law of Author’s Productivity does not follow here. From the study it has also been identified that individual research is more prominent than collaborative research and Physical Anthropology is the most promising field of research.