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This study was conducted to assess the use of digital/electronic information sources and services by faculty members of social sciences of three Universities in Nigeria. The purpose of investigation was to inquire about the respondents’ appreciation of the resources, level of utilization based on availability and access, benefits derived from usage as well as challenges encountered, as a result of usage. The study adopted a quantitative research method, using questionnaire survey to collect data on 50 social scientists from each of the faculties. The study revealed non-availability of major sources of electronic information in the social sciences in both the university libraries and faculties; a major barrier to usage was identified as lack of information technology (IT) knowledge to effectively utilise the available resources. The study recommends adequate acquisition of digital resources; improved provision of sources of digital information resources and access; provision of faculty-specific user training and information literacy instruction; improved marketing of digital resources by the university libraries; and a provision of a campus-wide online library services system to the faculties.



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