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Summer 10-24-2016


The study underpin two information providers seeking behaviour, while paying more attention to NICE, since the part two of this research has done justice to pharmaceuticals. However, pharmaceutical is used here to show how they compliment the other. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the independent organisation responsible for developing national guidance, standards and information on providing high-quality health and social care In order to gain in-depth insights into information providers’ views of their roles and activities, qualitative interviews were carried out with employees of a selection of pharmaceutical companies in the UK and with staff working for NICE. “The qualitative interview is a key venue for exploring the ways in which subjects experience and understand their world. Semi-structured interviews were held with UK-based staff in pharmaceutical companies. Similar interviews were held with staff at NICE who are involved in the provision of guidance and information to NHS doctors.The findings indicate that the information from NICE may be directive in nature – its intention is to direct users in their actions in conformity with NICE’s goals and perspective on what is appropriate and cost-effective patient management



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