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This paper examined reading habits of users as determinants of the utilisation of library information resources in two public libraries in South-west, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey research method and utilized questionnaire to generate data for the study.

Five research questions were presented for the study. Pearson product moment correlation and regression analysis were used to test hypotheses one at 0.05 level of significance. The result shows that there is a significant relationship between reading habits of users and utilisation of information resources of the selected public libraries in South-west, Nigeria.

The study concluded that many of the users of the libraries under study possess some form of reading habit, even though some actually read to pass examinations but the majority read to upgrade knowledge. The study recommended that the government should make it a priority to fund the public libraries adequately and concerted efforts should also be made by the public library management to ensure that there is adequate, sufficient and up to date information resources in the two libraries.



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