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Winter 12-12-2016


Mike Thelwall was honoured with the Derek John de Solla Price Award (2015) at his 50 years age and at 20 years of research publishing career. The first contribution of the author was in 2000 at the age of 35. His publications were analysed by year, growth of publication pattern, collaboration pattern, authorship pattern, channels of communications used and keywords etc. He had 297 publications during 2000-2015 in domains: Computer Science (237), Social Sciences (183), Decision Sciences (50), Mathematics (45), Engineering (11), Medicine(7), Agricultural and Biological Sciences (6), Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (6), Economics, Econometrics and Finance (3), Physics and Astronomy (3), Arts and Humanities (2), Business Management and Accounting (2), Psychology (1) and Multidisciplinary (1). Collaborative authorship pattern is found to be in the team size of 2-above 5. Fifty-seven are single authored papers, 136 two authored, 63 three authored, 21 four authored, 7 five authored and 13 above five authored. Two and Three authored papers constitute nearly 67 percent of the total authorship of his papers while single author papers are nearly 19 percent of the total authorship.