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Winter 1-17-2017


Learning is a fundamental part of life; a trait possessed by humans, animals and some machines. It is the driving force behind the survival of the human race and the establishment of a university library. In the university library, learning is defined as intentional learning, a self-driven activity rather than an instructor-led activity, the process of taking responsibility for and improving oneself by setting goals, evaluating progress and correcting errors. This study sought to investigate the influence of library space design and participation in user education programmes on intentional learning of undergraduates in the University of Ibadan. The findings of the study indicated that library space design and participation in user education individually and collectively had a significant and positive influence on intentional learning of undergraduates. The study recommended that library management improve design of library spaces by constructing group study spaces, increasing the number of sockets, use attractive colours, construction of e-classroom and studio for individuals with learning disabilities and improve student participation in user education programmes by attaching librarians to departments without libraries, adoption of hands on mode of instruction and practical training in writing projects, thesis, dissertations, and assignments.