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In recent times, tourism has become an increasingly booming industry. Both the old and young now appreciate and understand what tourism is. Amusement park is a subset of leisure or recreational tourism as tourists visit amusement park just for leisure. Ibadan Trans amusement park as a case study is made up of four (4) distinct departments, and they are; Finance department, Personnel department, Maintenance department, and Operations department. It is a global world, so almost all industries are engaging the use of Information systems to ensure continual growth, increased customer patronage and sustainability of their industries. It is notable that Ibadan trans amusement park is not using information systems for its business activities and transactions. The aim of this research work was thus to find out the feasibility of creating sustainable tourism through modern information systems usage in trans amusement park, Ibadan. A set of 120 questionnaires were distributed to respondents in trans amusement park. Primary data were obtained, coded and used for quantitative analysis. Simple frequency and chi square were used to analyze the objectives of the study. In conclusion, the result of this research work revealed that the benefits of information system to Ibadan’s trans amusement park is quite enormous, especially in respect to products and services sales to existing customers, marketing of the tourism assets to prospective tourists within and outside the country, and easy booking of tourism facilities.



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