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The study aimed to explore the use and non-use of magazines and journals at Saint Mary’s University Learning Resource Center. Through a researcher-made survey questionnaire, data were gathered from 40 faculty and 46 student respondents from the four undergraduate schools. The descriptive method was used to determine the reasons for use and registration use of magazines and journals while qualitative method was used to elicit the recommendations for their effective use.

The study revealed that out of the 86 respondents, 47.7% do register magazines before using them and 52.3% do not . The primary reasons for using magazines and journals are for: 1) personal or leisure reading; 2) research; and assignments while the primary reasons for not using them are: 1) they prefer internet; 2) lack of time in visiting the library; and 3) use of magazines and journals are not required in class. There are more faculty than students and more females than males who use magazines while in terms of school, they almost use equally. Both the faculty and students like to improve the use of magazines and journals through the schools and in classes.



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