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Information School, popularly known as iSchool, played a vital role in the arena of the Information Science. An information school popularly known as iSchools or iSchool or “School of Information”, “Department of Information Studies” and “Information Department” is a nonprofit making university level organization and professional association whose sole objective is to nurture information and technology. iSchools organization, set up in 2005, is a collective effort of iSchools to advance the field of information in the 21st century. Actually information schools refer to the members of the iSchools organization, which is formerly known as iSchools project, governed by the iCaucus (The group of Deans). The group members share their views focusing on the facets of information systems, Library and Information Science, informatics. The paper examines the role of the iSchool in the arena of Information Science. A brief history of iSchool movement is stated here. The paper describes the vision and goals of iSchool. Three major functions of iSchool are also enumerated here. The paper presents a detailed analysis of fifty seven iSchool member institutions and iConference and criteria for membership of iSchool. Some suggestions are stated to conclude the paper, at the end.



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