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The study examined the perception of the teaching faculty and librarians on collaboration as a strategy for imparting information literacy to the undergraduate students of Nigerian universities. The descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. Two questionnaires were used to collect the data from samples of 150 lecturers and 64 librarians which were drawn from population of 2526 lecturers and 64 librarians. The stratified proportionate sampling technique was used to draw the sample that represented the faculty while the entire population of the librarians was sampled due to the small size. The findings revealed that the teaching faculty and librarians perceive collaborative teaching as relevant means of improving students overall learning. While the librarians expressed readiness to collaborate with the teaching faculty in all the stages of the teaching process from lesson planning to evaluation of learning outcomes, the teaching faculty showed some sense of apathy with respect to entering into full collaboration with librarians in teaching especially in areas of lesson planning and evaluation. This implies that the faculty does not either have full grasp of the procedures for developing student’s information literacy or the contributions of the librarians in this regard. It was recommended among others that the Nigerian Library Association and university libraries should embark on advocacy programmes to sensitize the stakeholders in the Nigerian education system and university administrations to encourage collaborative teaching between the faculty and librarians