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Summer 5-22-2017


The paper examines 140375 global publications on world mobile research, as covered in Scopus database during 2007-16. The field of world mobile research witnessed an annual average growth rate of 1.68%. The top 20 most productive countries individually contributed global share from 1.14% to 20.52%, with largest global publication share coming from China (20.52%), followed by USA (17.09%), etc. Together, the top 20 most productive countries accounted for 95.05% of global publication output during 2007-16. The international collaborative publications share of top 20 most productive countries varied from 6.30% to 47.88% in world mobile research during 2007-16 Computer science, among broad subjects, contributed the largest publication share of 67.69%, followed by engineering (42.65%), social sciences (13.80%), mathematics (8.59%), medicine (5.47%), physics & astronomy (3.26%), business, accounting & management (2.86%), biochemistry, genetics & molecular biology (2.24%), materials science (2.22%0 and decision science (1.51%) during 2007-16. The top 20 most productive organizations and authors together contributed 13.14% and 1.35% share of global publication output during 2007-16. Among the total research output of 45213 papers in journal medium, 19.36% share appeared in top 20 journals during 2007-16. Of the total global mobile research output, 503 registered as highly cited papers, with 100 to 100+ citations per paper, averaging to 180.04 citations per paper.