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(EKONG E. Unwana & Joseph M. Men, 2017)


This study examined the effect of staff attitude and staff academic profile as factors influencing the use of two special libraries in Abuja. The study was anchored by five (5) objectives which among others was to find out the degree usage of available library resources by staff members, to explore options that could improve the quality of service delivery as well as library usage, to find out staff attitude toward service delivery in the library, and to find out if staff academic profile influence library use. The survey research design was adopted and questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The population for the study consisted of one thousand three hundred and fourteen (1314) however, two hundred and ninety –eight (298) were sampled. Krejcie and Morgan table (1970) was used to determine the sample size. Two hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance and data was presented in frequency, Tables and percentages. The hypotheses were analyzed using T-test method. Findings reveal that staff attitude and academic profile influence library usage. Also, we learned that library users make use of the special library mainly for reference and research purpose. Consequently, it has been concluded that both libraries should make available, accessible, and adequate relevant information resources focusing more effort on making these information resources current and relevant. It also calls on management and stakeholders to work on bench-marking as this is lacking heavily. Finally, based on findings the following has been recommended: the library should create awareness on the use of library to its target users, more professional staff should be recruited to help increase the quality of service delivery, the special librarian should periodically carry out opinion survey to learn more about user’s information needs since it is dynamic, and most importantly, the libraries should embark on bench-marking activities, as this provides them with an insight into the value and productivity of their services, and also provides them with tangible evidence that can be used during negotiations with clients and the parent organizations.



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