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Summer 8-8-2017


The present study was undertaken to assess academic performances of faculty members of Mother Teresa Women’s University and its Affiliated Colleges. Simple random sampling method has been applied in order to assess the faculty members’ perception about the academic performances. Questionnaire was a data collection tool. A total of 290 questionnaires were distributed among users and 254 duly filled in questionnaires were received, thus resulting into a response rate of 87.59 per cent. Out of 12 institutions, 5 are government, 5 are self-financing and 2 are aided educational institutions. While there are 92 (36.2%) respondents from self-financing colleges, 88 (34.6%) respondents are from Government University and government colleges. 74 (29.1%) respondents are hailed from just two self-financing colleges. The study discloses that a majority of the respondents belong to more than 45 years (33.1%) age group followed by 41-45 years age group constituting 19.3% (49) of the respondents and 36-40 years age group constituting 16.9% (43) of the respondents. The sample comprises of only female respondents. The study found that 163 (64.2%) respondents are assistant professors and 81 (31.9%) respondents are associate professors while just 10 (3.9%) respondents are professors. Thus, majority of the respondents of this study are Assistant Professors. A majority of 65 (25.6%) respondents possess 6-10 years of experience followed by 63 (24.8%) respondents with 1-5 years of experience and 50 (19.7%) respondents with more than 20 years of experience. Most of the respondents are M.Phil holders constituting 52% (132) of the sample. 91 (35.8%) respondents are doctorates while 12.2% (31) of the respondents are just post graduates.