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Summer 8-15-2017


The article was published in Nigeria, 2017.


The introduction of computers into cataloguing marked a turning point in the way it is being done; this has changed and expanded the work of cataloguers tremendously. The application of the internet is essentially to fast-track that process and ensures that books and other resources spend the least period of time in the cataloguing section. Cataloguers that have internet access have now recognised the potentials of online catalogue for improving subject access to information. It is in the light of this that this research work focuses on the influence of subject background and computer literacy skills on on-line cataloguing by librarians of Ekiti State University. This work adopted a survey research method and utilised questionnaire to generate data. Out of the twelve (12) copies of questionnaire distributed, eleven (11) copies (91.6%) were returned with valid responses. Findings revealed that librarians need constant training to keep up with international standards; this will enhance professional exposure and capacity building and ensure that best practices in cataloguing are adopted

Keywords: ICT, Cataloguing, On line, Skill