Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The Nigeria economy was officially declared recessed in August, 2016 by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Ever since then, efforts are being made by governments at different levels to revive the economy and bring it back to boom. To achieve this, every sector of the economy has a role to play. Given the centrality of information in all forms of development, effective and efficient provision both survival and citizen-action information becomes imperatives in redeeming the economy. This paper discusses the various types of libraries and the role they play towards economic development. It is an opinion paper that stresses the need to partner with libraries and librarians for information provision that will facilitate economic redemption. Inadequate projection of the library profession, unavailability of ICTs in most libraries, poor funding of the library system, low literacy level among others were found to hinder effective service delivery of librarians. It was recommended among other things that librarians should adopt proactive approach in marketing librarianship and creating professional visibility through quality service delivery, lobbying, promotions and awareness campaigns.



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