Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Spring 9-2-2017


There is no gainsaying that academic libraries are a natural gold mine for the University community and for the general public as a whole. Extant literature has shown that academic libraries are a source of enrichment for curriculum and research thus leading to academic productivity and global visibility of the parent institution. The realization of this fact has gone a long way in enhancing the status of academic libraries globally by changing the orientation of library clienteles and also correct the misconception in which they perceive the library as an antique, a reading place and has little or nothing to offer them. Thus, 21st-century academic library is now being viewed as an invaluable resource and a gold mine which is supposed to be harnessed and cherished by library clienteles. The paper, therefore, looks at academic libraries and how her roles have changed due to the technological innovation brought to fore by Social Media Technologies (SMT). An emerging technology which makes academic library pervasive, thus not constraint but time, means and location. The study also takes into cognizance how these technologies can be leveraged for clienteles in accessing the wealth of the priceless resources the library has to offer so as to improve the research output of staff, students and faculty members of these institutions



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