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Health information activities essentially are geared towards raising people’s awareness on good health and holistic living, thereby reducing the risks of opportunistic illness. In this regard, a related health promotional activity was undertaken in four local communities in Southern Nigeria. The purpose was gingered by the compelling efforts made by various government bodies and NGOs to curb the scourging HIV/AIDS pandemic, particularly in local communities. This Paper is therefore based on a three-day health and legal information outreach programme spearheaded by this author as a volunteer librarian in one of the communities. Planning and implementation of this endeavour undertook participatory approach with beneficiaries being predominantly youths, in cognizance to their ‘reach-ability’. Team work makes effort worthwhile, as such some NGOs and faith-based groups collaborated, in addition to the village head (chief) of host community. High point of this activity was massive and voluntary HIV/AIDS screening which prior to the health information awareness programme, was dreaded.



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