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Winter 12-31-2017


This study mainly examines the applicability and appropriateness of Bradford’s Law of Scattering to the literature of law. It also ranks the most cited law journals by the research scholars. This study covers citation of journals provided by the law research scholars in their Doctoral Theses submitted to various universities in India, which are available at Shodhganga is the digital repository of Indian electronic theses and dissertations. This study examines 773 journals, containing 3187 citations collected from 252 doctoral theses. Rank list was prepared to identify the core journals in law. Top most preferred journals among the law research scholars are, American Journal of International Law (USA) with 5.24% of citation, followed by theJournal of Indian Law Institute (India) with 3.79% of citation and International and Comparative Law Quarterly (UK) with 2.66% of citation. Bradford’s distribution pattern is not applicable with journal distribution pattern of law theses. Applicability of Bradford’s law of scattering was tested with verbal, graphical and Leimkuhier model. The law found applicable with the value of multiplier k = 6.67.