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Public Universities in Malaysia are having many programs offered to their students and using e-learning or VLE as their platform, which mostly enrolled by distant learning students. However, no research report found on the current state of VLE practices whether they should be maintained or improvised. Assessment on process capability should be done to ensure quality operation of VLE. This study aims to assess the process being carried by the higher education provider to identify which process of VLE practice require critical improvement. Using e-Learning Maturity Model (eMM), a group of active lecturer/instructor in e-learning was selected to assess current practices of VLE. The study identifies major processes which require critical improvement based on specific dimensions to enhance VLE operations in higher education institutions. Majority of VLE processes were found to be inadequately practiced. Infrastructure of the VLE platform require serious makeover while teaching and learning support towards students and teacher demands attention. Continuous improvement effort is neglected. Involvement of administrators, librarians, and students as the assessor of the VLE practice to accommodate more specific results are recommended for future study.