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Spring 10-11-2017

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This study explores the perception of students about the Internet. Sample consists of 40 students, who belong to Karachi, the metropolitan city of Pakistan. This city is a hub of industrial, educational, and social activities of Pakistan. These students were of an O-level’s school. Their ages range from 15 to 17. All these sampled students are the Internet users. Data were collected through interviews. Results reveal that the students have lucid perception of the Internet and web resources. They use it for studies, entertainment and information purpose. They keep themselves well aware and up to date their information through the Internet. They were cognizant of advantages and disadvantages, i.e. how it has been affected their lives. Students were also more concerned about its caustic effects. Results of this study will be helpful for parents, teachers, and academic librarians to guide children about use of the Internet in a positive manner. It will also direct educators for the Internet education. This study has recommended that O level’s school students might have proper training and guidance on the Internet search engines and searching skills. It may be the imparted in school’s curriculum.