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Anyim, W.O.(2017). E-Library Resources and Services: Improvement and Innovation of Access and Retrieval for Effective Research Activities in University E-libraries in Kogi State Nigeria. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)



Purpose: The study was carried out to investigate the e-library resources and services: improvement and innovation of access and retrieval for effective research activities in university e-libraries in Kogi State Nigeria.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The descriptive survey research design was adopted for this study. Six objectives and six research questions were formulated to guide the study. A total population of the study was 240 users of university e-libraries in Kogi State was studied without sample and they are 15 postgraduate students and 35 academic staff of Salem University (SU) Lokoja; 70 postgraduate students and 60 academic staff of Kogi State University (KSU) Anyigba; and 60 academic Staff of Federal University Lokoja. Instrument of data collection was a well-structured questionnaire. Two hundred and forty copies of questionnaire were distributed to the users of e-library with a return rate of 100%. The study used frequency count and percentages and ranking as a statistical measures for data analysis.

Findings: The results revealed that improvement and innovation for effective access and retrieval of e-library resources are needed in information literacy training for academic researchers, search engines to index sources, comprehensive indexing of impact factor local journals, creation of metadata standards for description of digital contents, development of wider institutional repositories, development of metrics for evaluating impact factor contents for local publications, development of online user guideline for accessing e-resources, provision of usage statistics for online content, identification of free online articles in e-journals and improved user interfaces for accessing library-surfaced content constituted, building an index from a document collection to searchable data structure to enhance electronic information retrieval, developing an improved descriptive metadata to describe information that is in formats other than text (e.g. image, map, animation etc.

Implication: Suggested solutions to challenges on access and retrieval of e-library resources and services include the regular information literacy training for e-library users and also training of librarians on technological developments in e-libraries.

Originality/Value: It was recommended that universities should enhance and upgrade the e-library resources and services to facilitate access and retrieval of information, among others