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Summer 10-25-2017


Indigenous knowledge points to the fact that Africa has been able to generate, test and apply knowledge through its own methodologies and approaches. This knowledge sustained communities for years prior to colonialism which somehow downplayed the value of indigenous knowledge and promoted western knowledge systems. Colonialism created dependence on western knowledge systems and Africa has over the years neglected its own rich indigenous knowledge. This paper sought tohighlight challenges faced in the quest to incorporate IK into developmental goals and projects. Furthermore, the study also sought to recommend ways through which Africans can promote IK in its developmental projects. A desk research was carried out to show the challenges faced in African indigenous knowledge. The results of the study showed that there was a need for policies, legislation, standards, research capacitation, investment and local inclusion in indigenous knowledge research, documentation and use. The study also pointed to the fact that indigenous knowledge could be tapped into for developmental goals and projects.