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Winter 10-26-2017


Manuscripts sent to editors are often in different states of crafting or drafting. It is the task of the editor to help the author by polishing the manuscripts to the acceptable standard. Editors may seek clarifications from the authors about the missing links in the drafts. They may ask for references of strong claims, improvement of the draft, refinement of the argument, adjustment in tone, chapter re-organisation, fixing grammar points, among others. Editors raise these flags in the editorial process through author queries. The nature of queries written by the editor for the author differs from the ones written by the authors or literary agents themselves to editors or publishing houses. This paper examines the various aspects of author queries and the diverse library and information resources at the disposal of an author in resolving the queries. It examines the modes and patterns of author queries across fiction and non-fiction. Above all, the paper gives practical examples and useful tips on the craft of writing author queries and how the author could fix them by the use of library resources.



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