Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This paper investigated the provision of library services for people in wheelchairs in two university libraries in Tanzania. The paper studied access to the information materials collected in the libraries and the building structure of the two university libraries. At a wider aspect the paper looked at significance of access to library information as the basic right, specifically in higher learning institutions. The study used pragmatism paradigm which is a mixed method approach. Statistical package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23 was used to analyze quantitative data while thematic analysis was used to analyze qualitative data. The results revealed that the two academic libraries are not complying with library universal services to users in wheelchairs. The study therefore suggested that the libraries should strive to offer services that are inclusive to all users including those in wheelchairs. It was also recommended that the two libraries should formulate policies that would cover issues on the provision of library services for physically challenged users. In addition, it was suggested that library buildings should be modified to accommodate users with developmental disabilities, particularly, those in wheelchairs to access housed resources.



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