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The research scrutinises information literacy, self-concept and metacognitive ability of teacher-librarians at the University of Zululand, South Africa. A total of one hundred and ten (110) copies of questionnaire were distributed among second-year teacher-librarians, out of which fifty-seven (57) copies were returned with valuable responses, giving a response rate of 51.8%. The study chronicled basic issues that concern self-efficacy, personal knowledge, task and procedural knowledge, strategic and declarative knowledge, conditional knowledge and planning ability of teachers. The research revealed, amongst other things, that the teacher-librarians lacked the ability to use computer applications unaided. The teacher-librarians also acknowledged that they had problem with their self-concept, especially pertaining to having the confidence to seek for help in using computers and the Internet. In spite of the apparent advantages of information literacy to teaching and learning, many of them declined that information literacy skill has the potential to enhance their teaching skills. It was also observed that the teacher-librarians lacked the ability to evaluate and identify sources of information resources. In conclusion, the findings will constitute a veritable feedback to the Department of Education and lecturers handling the teacher-librarians in evaluating the progress made in acquiring information literacy skill.