Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 9-14-2017


The purpose of this study is to examine the undergraduate students’ perception on library service quality from three dimensions which are library information resources, services and facilities that are available for use in YMSU Library whether the users are satisfy with the quality of library service delivery or not. The study adopted survey research methodology with cross-sectional design. It was appropriate for this study as a useful method for assessing attitudes or opinions towards programmes, individuals, organizations and events. Three research objectives were formulated to guide this study. A simple random sampling technique was used and a sample size of 120 registered undergraduate students was evaluated for this study, through the use of questionnaire. Out of 120 copies of questionnaires distributed, 84 copies were filled and returned for analysis hence given a response rate of 70.0%. Data collected were coded and inputted into SPSS Version 20.0 which was analyzed using descriptive analysis through the use of simple frequency and percentages. From the findings of the study, it was concluded that the general perception of undergraduate students towards the use of facilities, resources and services of the YMSU library, city campus is highly satisfactory. However, it is recommended that YMSU library management should keep on maintaining the high level of user satisfaction by improving on providing current and relevant information resources, modern facilities and befitting services that would meet the need and expectations of users. In addition, in order to sustain users’ high level of satisfaction, there is a need to address all the problems identified by the undergraduate students.