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Each educational institution will define which their potential authors are, depending on the documents that it decides to include in the repository. The study aimed to study the perception on various factors of academic parameters to deposit in the Institutional Repositories System. Majorities of the institutions had institutional repositories and three fourth of the respondents were depositing their works in their institutional repositories. The study noticed that there is a significant difference between experienced in depositing in IR and their willingness factor of advocacy, accessibility, altruistic intention and positive impact of self-archiving. It is inferred that among the professional recognition factors, Majorities (36%) of the respondents were depositing in IR which help to establish priority or prove their ownership of their ideas. Majorities (46%) of the respondents were depositing in IR for retaining their IPR for their works. More number of faculty members were willingness to deposit their works in IR for professional recognition, pre-print culture, university or department action and grant awarding body. It is also noticed that faculty members were depositing their work for their support (Additional time & effort) and monetary incentive.