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National integration is driven by inclusiveness, a sense of belonging and a strong confidence in the existence and future of a country. Nigeria has been bedeviled by numerous clashes, conflicts and challenges which depict the absence of national integration. Unemployment as a means of satisfaction of human basic needs as typified by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has been fingered as one of the major causes of lack of social cohesion, feelings of marginalization and confidence in the country as an entity. Studies have pointed to a gap in the set of skills acquired in schools and what 21st century employers’ need. Beyond Access/IREX intervention in 70 Nigerian public libraries trained librarians with different modules that will enhance the employability of their users by imparting the missing skills. Using frequency counts and simple percentages, it was revealed that 71% of the libraries teach basic computer skills, 54% operate job search centres while 46% provide access to e-government services. Electricity and Internet connectivity were identified as major challenges in the provision of these services.



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